D’ombres et d’ailes

13’/2015/”Of shadows and wings” is my first short animated film, co-directed with Elice Meng.

“In the heart of a group of birds, indignant Moann feels her body changing.
In a society where the greatest concern is the size and ambition of one’s wings,
nihilist Ciobeck tries to protect her. But how can one survive in a barren land, populated by imprisoned-mind people?”

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Script : Elice Meng
Concepts : Eleonora Marinoni 
Voice : Mathieu Amalric
Storyboard : Jean-Claude Rozec
Layout : Gaëlle Diot-Neant
Backgrounds: Gaëlle Diot-Neant, Eleonora Marinoni
2D animation : Johanna Bessière, Shinta Juilland,
Natacha Baud-Grasset, 
Gwendal Morris Stephan
3D animation : Axel Domenger (Studio Golaem), Johanna Bessière
Compositing : Nick Krummenacher, Sylvain Lorent, Fred Luzet
Editing : Jean-Marie Le Rest, Mathieu Courtois
Original soundtrack : Nicolas Martin & Ensemble Shamat
Sound design: Kévin Feildel 
Foley: Bertrand Boudaud
Mix: Christelle Louet
Sound production: AGM Factory
Producer: Mathieu Courtois
A co-production: Vivement Lundi ! / Nadasdy Film


At the very beginning Elice, me, lots of words and sketches and a little painting studio…  


Here are some backgrounds I did for “Of shadows and wings”. For more pictures go visit Gaëlle Diot’s blog !


How some of our creatures grew up…


If you haven’t seen it, this is what the film looks like !