Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on since 2011 ūüôā

D’ombres et d’ailes

13’/2015/”Of shadows and wings” is my first short animated film, co-directed with Elice Meng.

#Dans la Toile

20 x 2 minutes / 2017 – Animated series directed by Emma Carr√©.¬†I’ve worked on it as a cut-out animator.¬†

Gauguin, je suis un sauvage

52′ / 2017 – A documentary by Marie-Christine Court√®s, partly animated. Direction of the animation: Souad Wedell. I’ve been working on it as a 2D animator.¬†


A documentary ¬†by Richard Hamon / 52′ / shooting and 2D animation.¬†Worked as Art Director.

Buddy Joe

2016 – A short movie directed by Julien David and produced by JPL Film. I’ve been working¬†on it as a 2D animator.¬†

La science des soucis

5′ X 39 episodes / 2017 / “Science of botheration” is a series by Isabelle Lenoble and Julien Leconte, produced by Vivement Lundi ! I’ve been working on it as a 2D cut-out animator.

Dis moi Dimitri

26 x 2′ / 2016 / A¬†web-documentary series for kids written and directed by C√©line Dr√©an, co-directed with Claudia R√∂thlin and Yves Gutjahr. It’s a stop motion project with some 2D animation inserts. I’ve been working on 2D / cut-out animation parts.¬†

Louise en Hiver

¬†A film by Jean-Fran√ßois Laguionie (2016). I’ve worked on “Louise by the shore” as ¬†animation layout artist.¬†

Dimitri (titles)

“Dimitri” is a stop-motion series for kids directed by Agn√®s Lecreux and Fabien Drouet.¬†I created¬†the titles for the 26′ pilot:¬†Dimitri √† Ubuyu.

Sous tes doigts

A short-film by Marie-Christine Courtès. Art direction : Ludivine Berthouloux. I worked on it as a 2D animator.

La maison de poussi√®re

A film By Jean-Claude Rozec. 11’ / 2D and cut-out animation / Vivement Lundi ! productions. Worked as 2D animator.

Juifs et Musulmans

“Juifs et Musulmans, si loin, si proches” is a¬†documentary by¬†Karim Misk√© for ARTE.¬†I worked on the animation.

Son Indochine

9’50” / rotoscope technique / 2012 / A¬†short-movie written by Jean-Fran√ßois Le Corre, directed by Bruno Collet. Worked as Head animator.

Bande de sportifs !

Bande de sportifs ! is a junior TV series for Gulli and Disney Channel, produced by SupamonkS studio in Paris. I worked on character designs and concepts as an intern in 2010.


My graduation film at LISAA Paris.