Eleonora Marinoni

Art director | Concept Artist | Character designer | 2D and cut-out senior animator | BG artist


I am a 2D animator, concept & background artist who likes to work with creative teams and experiment new styles and techniques. These last years I’ve been working in France on different animation projects such as short-films, documentaries, junior tv series and a long feature film. In 2014-2015 I co-directed with Elice Meng the short-movie D’ombres et d’ailes and in 2016 I’ve been art director on Richard Hamon’s documentary Moka-Malo. I am currently working in Italy and Switzerland as art-director, background artist and illustrator/photographer.

Since 2010 I worked for


  • 2022 – Toon Boom Harmony in Milan: professional development in rigging and cut-out animation with Luca Costa
  • 2016 – Toon Boom Harmony in Rennes: training course program
  • 2010 – SupamonkS Studio in Paris: internship, character design and concept art
  • 2008/2010 – LISAA in Paris: bachelor in 2d animation
  • 2005/2008 – Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino: Fine Arts diploma
  • 2005 – Nicky studio in Como: internship in textile design
  • 2005 – Cairns College of English (Australia): Cambridge exams (FCE, B2 level)
  • 2004Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland: 6 months
  • 1999/2003Liceo artistico di Lugano (CSIA): Art high school

Projects I’ve been working on

  • OGM Travels: Visuals and concepts for the TV series, Background design, Character designs (studio Campedelli 2019 – still working on this project as BG supervisor and Art director)
  • Superbenny: Benedetta Rossi’s TV series season 1. Background concepts and BG supervisor, ToonBoom cut-out animation and animation supervisor (Studio Campedelli, 2021-2022)
  • XX settimana della lingua italiana nel mondo : short animation for Farnesina, 2D animation (Italy, Studio Campedelli 2020)
  • Atticus / Diario di un bambino super cattivo: TV series project development, character design and moodboards (Studio Campedelli for Atlantyca Entertainment, 2020)
  • Atchoo: storyboard of one episode of the TV series (Studio campedelli 2020)
  • Lola: TV series project restyling and development, background design (Studio Campedelli 2020)
  • Accademia Vivaldi: restyling of the music Academy in Locarno. Logo rebranding, new website, illustrations with original portraits photography, posters, gadgets and so on… in collaboration with outstanding copywriter Arianna Marinoni! (2020-2022)
  • OGM Travels: Visuals and concepts for the TV series, background design, character designs, teaser animation and backgrounds (studio Campedelli 2019 – still working on this project as BG supervisor and Art director)
  • O.P.S. Orrendi er sempre: studio Campedelli Web series: cut-out animation with Adobe Animate (Milan 2019)
  • O.P.S. Orrendi per sempre: studio Campedelli TV series: backgrounds for opening and end titles, cration of typography (Milan 2019)
  • Téviec, Meurtres au Mésolithique: Hubert Béasse’s documentary, moodboards and character designs (Vivement Lundi ! 2018)
  • Actilifeadverstise, 2D animation and Background (Babau studio 2018)
  • #Estateaddosso: opening of TVprogram, idea and production (Teleticino 2018)
  • Enquête ISARA: posters for researchers of university ISARA in Lyon (April 2018)
  • La Stella di andrea e Tati: Short movie for Lynx Multimedia Factory, Background artist (Roma, Lynx 2017)
  • Gauguin, je suis un sauvage: M.C. Courtès’ documentary for ARTE: 2D animation (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! 2017)
  • Dans la toile: Emma Carré’s Animated web series: ToonBoom cut-out animation (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! & Nadasdy Film, 2017)
  • Buddy Joe: Julien David’s short movie: 2D animation (Rennes, JPL Film 2016)
  • La science des soucis: Isabelle Lenoble & Julien Leconte‘s TV series: ToonBoom and After Effects (with Dwik) cut-out animation (Rennes, Studio Personne n’est Parfait 2016)
  • Moka-Malo: Richard Hamon’s documentary: art direction, character design and layout (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! & France 3 productions 2016) 
  • *D’ombres et d’ailes: Short movie co-directed with Elice Meng: storyboard, backgrounds, animation, compositing e editing (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! & Nadasdy Film 2015)
  • Dis-moi Dimitri: Céline Dréan’s kids documentary series: 2D animation & compositing (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! & Nadasdy Film 2014)
  • Sous tes doigts: Marie-Christine Courtès and Ludivine Berthouloux’s short film: 2D animation (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! & Novanima Productions 2013)
  • Dimitri à Ubuyu: Agnès Lecreux e Fabien Drouet’s pilot: cut-out animation for the opening titles (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! / Beast Animation / Nadasdy Film 2013)
  • Louise en hiver: Jean-François Laguionie’s long feature film: animation Layout (Tréguier, JPL Film 2013)
  • La maison de poussière: Jean-Claude Rozec’s short movie: 2D animation (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! 2013)
  • Juifs et musulmans, si loin, si proches: Karim Miské’s documentary for Arte: 2D animation (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! / ARTE 2012)
  • Son Indochine: Jean-François Le Corre’s short movie, directed by Bruno Collet: Concept-art, 2D rotoscope animation, backgrounds (Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! 2011-2012)
  • Cabinet de curiosités: webvideo for Boucheron Paris: 2D animation and illustrations (Paris, Mathematic Studio 2011)
  • Bande de Sportifs: Animated series for Disney Channel and Gulli: character design and concepts (Paris, SupamonkS Studio 2010)
  • Choc: my graduation short movie (Paris, LISAA 2010)

Prices won for D’ombres et d’Ailes

Pardino d’argento, Festival del Film di Locarno, Switzerland 2015
Premio Cinema e gioventù, Festival del Film di Locarno, Switzerland 2015
Swiss Audience Award
, Fantoche Film Festival, Baden, Switzerland 2015

Milkedi de plata de animacion, CINEBI, Bilbao, Spain 2015
Animation short-film award, Olympia International Film Festival, Pyrgos, Greece 2015
Best International Animated Short Award, Chico Animation Festival, California, USA 2015
Best animated film, Fargo Film Festival, Nord Dakota, USA 2016
Grand prix de la meilleure musique de film, Festival Intérnational du Film d’Aubagne, France 2016
Prix Jury Junior, FICAM in Meknès, Morocco 2016
Prix Ciné-Jeune, Ciné-Jeune Film Festival, Aisne, France 2016
Prix du Public, Ciné en Herbe in Montluçon, France 2016
Platinium Remi Award, World Fest Huston, Texas, USA 2016
Meliès de Plata e Prix du Public, Fancine Festival de Cine Fantástico, Malaga, Spain 2016
Prix du Public, Séquence Court Métrage, Toulouse, France 2016
Grand Prize of short film competition, Tokyo Anime Award Festival, Ikebukuro, Japan 2017

Softwares I work with

Photoshop, TVPaint, ToonBoom Harmony (and Producer), After Effects, Première, Illustrator, Adobe Animate


  • Italian Of course!
  • French  Je parle et écris couramment!
  • English I do speak, write and understand a lot (but not everything)
  • Spanish  good but not perfect (I can communicate)
  • German learnt at school for several years in Switzerland but never spoken


I have a car and I can drive